Q & A With Joanne

What made you want to be a writer?
I’ve always enjoyed reading and after spending some time at a variety of jobs, I decided I really wanted to explore my love of books. That led to a Masters degree in English and my decision to write a book of my own. One book led to another and another… it’s a great career for someone who enjoys reading and the independence of the job allows me to work from home, which is a great plus.

Do you have a critique group?
I work with a critique partner instead of a group, but she’s awesome and we’ve been together since I was working on book #3 (unpublished) and just had kid #2. Catherine Mann is the award-winning, bestselling author who has helped me stay on track and enthused about writing through over the course of one hundred combined published novels, and through the rejections that came before those exciting first sales. I could credit her with a zillion ways she’s helped me, but suffice it to say, I’m very grateful for her influence on my work and am even more grateful to have such a fantastic friend. Learn more about our approach to critiquing here.

Any tips for writers who are just starting out?

Please do visit my articles page, especially Getting Started with Your Writing. I’ve written a book called Self Promotion Simplified: Your Guide to Launching a Book, that gives advice for marketing. I also enjoy speaking to writers groups, so I’m open to workshop requests! I’ve taught writing at the college level on and off since before I began writing romance, so the teacher in me enjoys sharing what I’ve learned.

What are you working on right now?

I’m writing a new series for Harlequin Desire set in Western Montana for 2023 as well as a new Texas Cattlman’s Club story. Until then, readers can look for my Return to Catamount series, a family inheritance drama set in Colorado. The first book Rocky Mountain Rivals, releases in June 2022.