Creating a Promo Target List

Looking for new places to send promotion information on your latest release? An outlet to publicize placement in a contest? Here is a list of spots you might not have considered for your publicity kit, advance reading copies, press releases or other promotional materials.

  1. Hometown newspaper (often a weekly), and regional newspaper (a bigger daily paper).
  2. Book review section of your regional newspaper
  3. High school newspaper, college newspaper
  4. Church news bulletin
  5. Corporate bulletin, company newsletter or bulletin board at your workplace.
  6. Local radio stations that host interviews or have a book discussion program.
  7. Local television stations. Some stations host early morning talk shows with a local slant.
  8. Newspapers, radio and television in any regions with which you have close ties. Did you live or work in Jackson, Mississippi for several years? Pitch your news there too.
  9. Local RWA chapter newsletter and newsletters for other chapters to which you belong.
  10. Present a workshop or do a book signing with regional RWA chapters
  11. Booksellers with whom you have cultivated good relationships
  12. Local library
  13. Romance review sites
  14. Bookstores
  15. Send postcards to friends. Friends are great at spreading the word!
  16. Readers groups
  17. Web site for your publishing house or line
  18. Web mistress for your RWA chapter
  19. RWA chapters that sponsored a contest you won
  20. RWR First Sale column, if applicable.