Press Release Made Easy

By Joanne Rock

Simply fill in the underlined sections of the following all-purpose release with the pertinent information.  Use this “skeleton” as a guide to write media releases announcing: the sale of a book, the release of a new book, the re-release or reprinting of a book, your upcoming book signings, or other newsworthy information about your career.

By all means, gear your release to showcase the uniqueness of whatever information you are releasing.  This is meant only as a guide to get you started.  Stick to one page for a release where possible, use two pages at the most.

* The text in regular typeface is actual verbiage to use in your release.
* The underlined text is information you fill in accordingly
* The italics text includes my notes to you


[Start at the top of the page]

For Further Information Contact:
Your Name Your Phone #

For Immediate Release
For Release Date

Local Resident Announces
Sale of First Book [or Release of New Book, etc.]
[14 pt. Bold, Centered Title]

(CITY) – Local author Your Name sold her first book, a Genre, to Publisher when [last week, this month].  The novel, entitled Title, is due in stores Release Date.

A # of years or lifelong resident of City, Your Last Name has been writing Type or Genre fiction for the past Number years.  Title of Book is one of Number books she has written, Breadth of your style [ranging the gamut from inspirational romance to historical fiction or all historical romances].  As your other profession at / for your company [if this is not applicable for you, try another interesting fact about yourself], Last name writes “” quote from you – it could be about how you write, when you find time to write, or why you write.

Title of your book is about Back Cover type Blurb on the basic plot of your book 25-50 words.   [Think high concept or catchy here.  You don’t want to lose the editor in a lengthy description].

“ ”Quote from you about why you wrote the book or what inspired youCould be why you think other people might like the book.  Here is a perfect sales pitch opportunity for you!  What is unique about your book?  Keep this paragraph to a sentence or two.

If you have book signings planned, mention them in an optional 5th paragraph.  For example: Last Name plans a book tour for Time Frame and will be appearing at Wal-Marts, Major Booksellers, whatever in Cities targeted.