Girl Gone Wild

Single in South Beach Book 4

Secrets, scandal and seduction…

Chef Giselle Cesare has fought hard to step out of the shadows of her overprotective clan. She can’t wait for the week of freedom when all of her brothers are out of town– until a work crisis keeps her too busy to have fun. When an assistant quits her kitchen, Giselle accidentally serves erotic pastries to a top food critic. A very compelling food critic who seems interested in more than her cuisine. Is it her imagination, or is he a little too fixated on the club’s shady past?

Driven reporter Hugh Duncan had never seen such realistic cherry nipples on a baked good before, but that doesn’t mean he’ll let Club Paradise’s hot-as-a-pistol chef seduce him with frosting. Especially when he’s only posing as a food critic in order to further an expose on the steamiest singles resort in the U.S. If only it weren’t so difficult to elude a gorgeous gourmet determined to tempt more than his palate. But soon, Hugh learns of Giselle’s close connections with one of the club’s former owners–a key player in an old scandal. He’s got all the dirt for the story he needs, but at what price?

*An earlier draft of this story was published by Harlequin