One Naughty Night

Single in South Beach Book 3

He’s not who he’s pretending to be….

Every decision Esmerelda Giles has made in her life has led her to the mess she’s currently in—an unemployed art historian with a repossessed vehicle and no romantic prospects. Then again, she doesn’t have much interest in guys since her touchy-feely former boss crossed her personal boundaries one too many times. Normally, she would have never embarked on a blind date, let alone one that wanted to meet her at the risqué Club Paradise in South Beach. But Esme is no longer following her obviously horrendous instincts and throws caution to the wind for a single night.

Renzo Cesare hadn’t arranged any blind dates given his recent broken engagement. So he has no business intercepting a woman out for adventure and pretending to be her date. Yet how could he let someone as sinfully sweet as Esme Giles fend for herself in the provocative playground for singles? He never guessed just how much adventure she was really looking for until he finds himself headed back to her room for the night. Something he can’t allow to happen without confessing the truth. Sure he understands why she’s ready to throw away the hottest chemistry this side of Mexico once she learns he’s not who she thinks. But Renzo has an idea for a project that just might save both their careers, and land them in the right bed— together—after all!

*An earlier draft of this book was published by Harlequin