Self Promotion Simplified: Your Guide to Launching a Book

ISBN: 9781497545700

May 2014

As an author, you need to connect with readers to sell books. But with all the options available today, the task of promoting your work can feel daunting. In Self Promotion Simplified, you’ll learn effective strategies for marketing your release without surrendering all your writing time to promotion. This highly targeted guide will save you time, energy and money, enabling you to launch your book quickly, build your visibility, and get back to work on the next novel. This isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, there are multiple plans based on your lead time, your personal preferences and comfort level with various modes of marketing. Each chapter features quotes and advice from industry insiders including marketing specialists, communications professors, bestselling authors, editors and agents. With clear, succinct prose, veteran author Joanne Rock draws from her marketing background and her skills as a college lecturer to break down promotional strategies into practical tools that working writers need.