Bonus Scene – Second Chance Cowboy

This past fall, I took a poll in my newsletter to see which characters my readers wanted to check in with for the holidays. A big thank you to everyone who took the poll and helped decide! The winner was Matt and Larissa from Second Chance Cowboy.  I gave my mailing list the first peek at this scene, and if you’d like to be first to know about new content like this, please do join my list!

Either way, I hope you’ll follow the link to read the bonus scene to see what Matt and Larissa were up to this Christmas….

Second Chance Cowboy, Bonus Scene

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Twelve Days of Desire


It’s the first day of the 12 Days of Desire! Today’s giveaway is from me! Head over to my Facebook page for details. Don’t forget to “like” the page while you’re at it! There’s a fun grand prize plus bonus copies of my books for two more winners. All you need to do is chime in under the comments section to be entered to win. Then, follow me and the Harlequin Desire authors page for a new giveaway each day… or more!! Today, on our special launch day, we have Jules Bennett coming in this afternoon with another awesome prize she’ll announce on her page.

There’s lots going on this week with a new release available for download and a spotlight and giveaway at Harlequin Junkie. I’ve also got a new Goodreads Giveaway up for my January title, Claiming His Secret Heir. Enter to win one of five copies and don’t forget to mark the book as a “Want to Read” on your bookshelf.

Finally, don’t forget how much I appreciate your reviews! On Goodreads, on Amazon, on any online retailer… they’re a huge help to authors.

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Three Backlist Titles on Sale!

Look for three of Joanne’s backlist titles in the Harlequin sale through October 10th

Magnate’s Marriage Merger

His Accidental Heir

Wishes at First Light

All three digital versions are available for just $1.99 at all book retailers. You can find lots of other recent Harlequin titles on sale too… a good week to stock your e-reader!

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Welcome to Yuletide

It’s Release Day for A Chance This Christmas and I celebrated by working on my Pinterest board.  Visit me on Pinterest to see where I got my ideas for Yuletide, the Christmas-themed town that is the backdrop or Rachel and Gavin’s romance.

One of the most fun aspects of writing a holiday romance is the setting. Sometimes authors turn the traditional setting on its ear the way my friend Catherine Mann did with her book RITA-Award winning book Taking Cover. The hero and heroine spend Christmas in the dessert and make a cactus /scrub brush Christmas tree in the crumbling mission church where they’re stuck. But more often, we see snow and evergreens galore. Two years ago for Last Chance Christmas, I dreamed up the ski resort town of Cloud Spin, Vermont. It’s got the skiing and resort appeal of Stowe, but the holiday charm of Grafton and Woodstock combined. So after a day on the slopes, visitors could attend Wassail Weekend and enjoy a very traditional holiday celebration straight out of Dickens. (Read more about Christmas celebrations in Vermont here.)

For A Chance This Christmas, I did something a little different for my fictional Adirondack village of Yuletide. I gave it more of an Alpine appeal, and I made it a community-driven effort. The townspeople of a formerly failing town decided to remake their town into a holiday tourist destination and “Yuletide” was born.

Part of the fun of a Christmas-crazy community is that the townspeople have very different ideas about what their holiday home should look like. Some residents want an over-the-top Christmas resort complete with Christmas carousels, a Tinsel Trolley and theme-named cottages where visitors can shop—like Teeny Elf’s House where the heroine lives. Other residents are ready for a break from their elf costumes so they can simply enjoy the holidays!

But I think that push-pull in the setting reflects a dynamic so many of us feel at Christmas time. Yes, we can get caught up in the commercialism of the day. It’s fun to shop, wrap and decorate. We look forward to it, we jump in with both feet and midway through December, we sometimes wonder, when can I sit back and enjoy my holiday? The hoopla is part of the fun, but it helps to know when to turn down the trappings and enjoy the simple joys of the day.


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Name Joanne’s Facebook Group


Joanne is starting a Facebook Group for readers who want to connect more. This is a place for fans who like to be more involved, who want to hear about Joanne’s writing, and read early snippets from future books. There will be more chances to win advance reading copies and book swag, plus chat with Joanne. It’s a drama-free zone where romance rules and happy endings are a guarantee. Join the group here.

Then, help Joanne by coming up with a name for the group! You can enter ideas on the Rafflecopter giveaway, where the winner not only receives bragging rights on the name, but also a wonderful prize pack of books!

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