Release Date: August 21

Second Chance Cowboy is Joanne’s second “Road to Romance” story from Tule. This series follows Manhattan girlfriends who made a pact to follow the advice of a radio talk show host that advised making peace with the past to allow for future happiness. Each strikes out on her own road to romance–fashion buyer Shea in Last Chance Christmas, dancer Larissa in Second Chance Cowboy and then, in October 2017, look for A Chance This Christmas for designer Rachel’s story.

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More McNeill Magnates

Joanne returns to her McNeill Magnates series this winter as we meet Malcolm McNeill’s other heirs. The “Other” McNeills– Liam’s second, hidden family aren’t eager to join the family fold. Read all their stories starting in December 2017 with Little Secrets: His Pregnant Secretary, and continuing in January with Claiming His Secret Heir, and with February’s For the Sake of His Heir, a Billionaires & Babies story.

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Coming Soon

In addition to Joanne’s Road to Romance series and more McNeill Magnates. you can look for a free online read connected to the McNeills starting December 17th and running through January 2018. Have trouble keeping track of all the books in a series? Visit the bookshelf and sort the books by Series! Also coming soon, look for Joanne’s first Texas Cattleman’s Club story, Expecting a Scandal, next spring.

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