Chat with Leigh Wyndfield 8/27/21

Join me today, August 27th from 3-5pm in the Rockettes Reader Group on Facebook for a Feature Friday chat with author Leigh Wyndfield! Learn more about Leigh’s latest, catch a peek at my upcoming titles, and win lots of fun prizes. Giveaways open for 24 hours afterward, so drop by this evening to join the fun!

Leigh’s upcoming book, The Bachelor on Mars, releases 9/28/21. Preorder now!

**She’s a mechanical engineer undercover as a contestant. He’s a geologist trying to keep his research station afloat. Then comes the alien invasion… Mechanical engineer Margaret Carson’s biggest dream is fulfilled when she gets to test her new rover on Mars, but of course there is a catch. She must fill in for a contestant on the reality TV show Mars Bachelor and get voted off before she can run her trials. But when she arrives on Mars, the owner of the research station, Jack Boyle, is attacked by an alien ship. She and Jack must combine forces to save the cast members and themselves. As the clock ticks down, will they survive? And if they do, will one of them give up their career for the other?

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