Joanne’s 75th Harlequin Book

May 1, 2017

Joanne’s 75th title for Harlequin Books is her May 2017 release, The Magnate’s Marriage Merger! What an exciting milestone. Some highlights from her long career with Harlequin:

Joanne has authored nine medieval historicals that were released in print and eight Harlequin Historical “Undone” stories that were released as ebooks. Her historicals are some of her most reprinted and reissued works around the globe!

Joanne’s first book for Harlequin was for the Temptation line, where she fell in love with stories by other then-Temptation authors like Lori Foster, Carly Phillips and Janelle Denison.

The majority of Joanne’s romances– so far– have been released in Harlequin’s Blaze series. She penned thirty-five books for the series that were released in print and she wrote a number of Online Reads for Harlequin Blaze as well. Her first, Manhunting Masquerade, was linked to her first two Blazes–In Hot Pursuit and Silk, Lace & Videotape.

These days, you’ll find all of Joanne’s new Harlequin stories in the Desire series, including her 75th book, The Magnate’s Marriage Merger. Look for another milestone– Joanne’s first amnesia story– coming in 2018.

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