Learning Curves

ISBN: 9781460371350

Harlequin Temptation Heat #863
January 2002
Reissued March 2014 in eBook format

Sociology scholar Madeline Watson can’t wait to undertake the study of human mating rituals for her dissertation. Too bad the university thinks upstanding Madeline has spent too much time in the ivory tower to undertake such an earthy subject. Now she needs to shed her good girl image in a hurry, and she knows just the man to help her.Mechanic-turned-business mogul Cal Turner might teach part time at the university, but he’s definitely not ready to provide the proper Miss Watson with the kind of lessons she’s looking for. Besides, despite his long-standing reputation as a rebel, Cal is ready to turn his life around now that guardianship of his younger sister is on the line.

Once Maddy decides to turn herself into bad girl extraordinaire, Cal has no choice but put out the fire in her wake. Will he be able to bring her to her senses, or will he get caught up in the blaze along with her?

Winner of the 2003 Blue Boa Award for Contemporary Series Romance


“…a delight from beginning to end.” — Romantic Times, 4 stars, W.I.S.H. Hero

“Ms. Rock has a fresh, interesting voice that will have you laughing out loud.” — Reader to Reader

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…For the first time since he’d picked Maddy up at her doorstep, Cal allowed his gaze to travel slowly up her legs and over her curves in the dim lights from over the garage’s reception desk. The professor wanted love lessons?

Well, by God, he’d do his best to make sure he taught her well before she found herself another tutor. No way would he let this sweet woman fall into the hands of some slam-bam-thank you-ma’am clod.

She flashed him her ”A plus“ grin, making his mouth go dry as chalk dust. Her faith in him was a bracing reminder that this woman wasn’t just another fling. No matter how scientifically professor Maddy approached this business of seduction, nothing would ever be the same between them after tonight. He had to make their time together something she would never, ever forget.

“What about tonight’s lesson in seduction?” He had been wanting to touch her for four years. He didn’t think he could wait for her any longer.

At the door, she paused. She looked up at him with her most infectious bad girl grin. “I’ve decided there would be nothing more seductive than to learn among pink bubbles.”

Oh, God. Where on earth did little Miss Innocent come up with erotic ideas like this? He waited for a moment, trying to envision how he could accommodate her without getting them both killed by twirling brushes.


Her soft request undid him, made him ready to slay dragons or heavy car wash equipment if need be. He leaned over her, powerless to keep his hands off her another minute.

Her eyes closed when his hand brushed around her waist, tangling in the length of her silky brown hair. She slid slender arms around his neck. Cal braced himself on the glass door behind her, the thrum of the machines vibrating though the barrier and up his arms to shake his whole world.

Her lips tilted toward him. He wanted nothing more than to accept that tempting offer and lose himself in her kiss, but first he would make sure this was one lesson she’d never forget. He scooped her off her feet, into his arms and backed them through the service door…