McNeills on Sale

🌺It’s nice to kick off November with a deal for you! The first two books in the McNeill Magnates series are on sale for 1.99 each on all platforms:

Book One is Quinn’s story! He gets in a pinch and has to cover for his impulsive brother when Cam lines up a date with a woman he thinks will be his mail-order bride. Dancer Sofia Koslov isn’t prepared for the media frenzy he creates with his proposal in an airport, but Quinn McNeill steps in to smooth things over… and woo her for himself!

The Magnate’s Mail-Order Bride

Book Two is Ian’s story and the peacemaker in the family is skilled at negotiating between his brothers, but he’s at a loss when it comes to Lydia Whitney, the woman who once held his heart. When he discovers Lydia is behind the matchmaking that’s caused a scandal in the McNeill family, Ian proposes a match of his own.

The Magnate’s Marriage Merger

There are nine McNeill Magnate stories in all. Now’s a good time to start the series if you haven’t tried it.

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