No Place Like Home

The porch swing is waiting!

This is my welcome blog to let you know I’m going to be posting here at my website home most often now. For as long as I’ve been writing romance, I’ve been guest blogging at other sites, thinking it was easier. I still miss Access Romance (remember that one?) and the Blaze blog when I wrote for the line. I guess I figured it was fun to be the guest, kind of like at Thanksgiving where you’re invited out and you only have to bring a bottle of wine or contribute one dish.

But while being a guest is fun, there’s something rewarding about being in your own kitchen. The joy of knowing you’re providing visitors with their favorite treats. The ease of pulling out your own dishes because you have your favorite tools at hand. I like that. The décor is cool too, since you chose it.

So it is here, at my website, where I can make all the calls about what to post and how to share. I run around social media a lot, to let readers know what I’m doing—my latest series news, sneak peeks, cover reveals, brainstorming thoughts, you name it. Wouldn’t it be easier, I thought, to have a central location where readers can find ME if they want to know what’s going on in my world?

That doesn’t mean you’ll get rid of me on social media.  It’s too easy to hop on Facebook or Twitter while I’m in line at the grocery store. But I’m really excited to share more of my thoughts with you right here, where I can put my feet up and make myself at home. I’ll be testing out new things for the first month or two. Hanging new pictures. Getting a feel for the space. Please don’t hesitate to tell me what things you find most entertaining and fun. In real life, I’d like to think I’m a pretty good hostess.  I hope I can be here, too.

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