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Check out my free Online Read at the Harlequin website, Mesa Falls: The Reunion! A new chapter goes up every weekday for four weeks. The story is linked to my Mesa Falls series, and book 3, Rule Breaker is in stores now. The Reunion follows the story of ranch owner Jonah Norlander and the woman he ghosted back in his college days…

Tech company CEO Jonah Norlander is a man on a mission. When he wrangles an invitation to a friend’s destination wedding in Martha’s Vineyard, he knows he’ll end up in close quarters with Astrid Koskinen, the ex-girlfriend he ghosted during their college years. This is his chance to apologize to the coed turned supermodel, who made a point of achieving fame and success without him. He owes her an explanation at the very least. And he craves one more sizzling night together.

Astrid has walked runways around the world, achieving independence after a hardscrabble upbringing, but romance hasn’t been a part of her life since Jonah pulled his disappearing act. As much as she’d like to ditch the wedding now that she knows he’s in town, her pride won’t let her. And neither will her curiosity. When Jonah reveals the secret truth about why he’d walked away all those years ago, Astrid can’t resist falling back into his bed for just one night, even though she knows that’s as much as she can give him.

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But will Jonah and the magic of a wedding weekend make her change her mind?

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Mesa Falls Characters

Alonzo Salazar- Retired Teacher at Dowdon School

Devon Salazar- Copresident Salazar Media

Marcus Salazar – Copresident Salazar Media

Alonzo’s students at Dowdon / Now Owners of Mesa Falls:

Weston Rivera- Rancher

Miles Rivera- Rancher

Gage Striker – Investment Banker

Desmond Pierce- Casino Resort Owner

Alec Jacobsen- Game Developer

Jonah Norlander- Technology company CEO

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