JK Rock is the pseudonymn for
YA writing partners Joanne and
Karen Rock.

Joanne’s 50th book pin from Harlequin Awards ceremony in 2011.

Joanne steps into classic
cover art with Fabio. Thanks,
Avon Books, for a fun display at RWA!

Joanne, Anna DeStefano and Toni Blake at the Harlequin party in NYC, 2011.

My Golden Quill Award
for  Under Wraps.
I couldn’t resist putting a few
lilacs in he frame!

Delivering a workshop with Catherine Mann at RWA Orlando

Catherine Mann, bookseller Darlene Krogol, Debra Webb, me, Jillian Hart and HQ exec Randall Toye at Romantic Times 2009

Harlequin party at RWA 2009: Wendy Etherington, Joanne Rock, and Jennifer St. Giles

At the Harlequin party with Jamie Sobrato in Dallas 2007

Blaze Lunch at RWA 2009: Jacquie D’Alessandro, Cara Summers & Joanne Rock

Spa day with my fabulous critique partner, Catherine Mann

I couldn’t help but snap a pic of a fun moment during the RITA Awards!