Romancing YOU

I’ve been on a baking kick!

Happy Romance Month, my friends! I sent out a mailing to my newsletter list last week with a message about spreading the love and I thought I’d share it here too.

I’ve got some ideas for you to romance *yourself* this month—no partner needed! It’s part of my self-care 2024 to be kind to me, and I hope you’ll try some of these too because you deserve the extra kindness as well! Ready? Here are a few ways to spread the love this February:

  • Buy the flowers! You deserve them, even if you wait to buy the bouquet on Feb 15th when the roses are marked down. You will still love the smell!
  • Light the candles. You know the scented ones you’ve been saving? Break them out and light them for a special dinner or spa time.
  • Which brings me to… a special dinner. Or spa time. You don’t need a date to enjoy these treats for you.
  • Take a walk. Fresh air is a mood booster. So is exchanging a smile or hello with people you pass while you stroll. Kindness multiplies and it makes you feel good too.
  • Pull out a great outfit. Bonus points if you take a selfie in it while you look your best. You can dress up for you!
  • Bake a special treat. Calories don’t count on Valentine’s Day week, so enjoy something delicious.

    My letter writing supplies!l.

  • Write notes to yourself and stick them around the house for you to enjoy at later times. A post it in your jewelry box that reminds you that you look beautiful. One in your liquor cabinet with a favorite cocktail recipe you keep forgetting to try.
  • Call a friend. Schedule some social time. Some of the greatest loves of my life are my friends, and I’ll bet you can say the same about your friends. Enjoy them!!
  • Give a compliment. It makes someone else’s day, and it will make yours too.
  • Read a romance. Do you know how much love-affirming goodness there is in a romance novel? Enjoy the message that love wins in the end, and the smile that comes with it.

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