Sex & the Single Girl FREE for a Limited Time

Big News! To celebrate today’s release of One Naughty Night, I’m offering Book #1 in the Single in South Beach series for FREE for a limited time! Don’t wait to download this one as the sale is brief. But I thought it would be fun to give you a free start into the Single in South Beach series by offering Sex and the Single Girl at no cost to entice you to try the rest of the series. This series is currently on Amazon only as it is in Kindle Unlimited.

What is Sex and the Single Girl all about? It’s got:

  • Forbidden Attraction
  • Protector Hero
  • Strong heroine
  • Voyeurism
  • If you loved Thomas Crowne Affair, this book is for you!

Backstage at Club Paradise, a high-stakes game of seduction and deception is about to begin…

He whistled, low and long, like a kettle hissing off steam. “You left Miami as a sweet young thing with big dreams, and now you come sauntering back like hell on wheels. What exactly did those New Yorkers do to you, Bri?”

She tilted her head against the doorframe, obviously unruffled by his observation. “Nothing I didn’t want them to. Now, are you going to leave quietly, Maddock, or am I going to have to call security?”

Download Sex and the Single Girl now!

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