Step into the world of Last Stand, Texas

I’m so excited about Last Stand, TX and hope you are, too! Eve Gaddy introduces you to Last Stand on April 11th with her book HEART OF THE TEXAS DOCTOR. Then, you’ll have a new book every week for MONTHS. Ten authors are bringing you their own author series all set in Last Stand, TX. I’m bringing you my new Texas Playmakers series beginning May 9th with THE PERFECT CATCH, which is available for preorder now.

This new series follows a baseball family and their deep ties to Last Stand. You see, before the Ramsey men turned to baseball, they were farmers and ranchers. The Rough Hollow Ranch dates back to the original settlement of the town, and for years, Ramseys worked the land, one generation after another. When the ranching grew difficult, patriarch Everett Ramsey sold off the last of the livestock and turned to farming. He’s transformed the farm and orchards into a good business, but all his hard work feels like it’s for naught when his only son turned his attention to a sports career. Worse, his three grandsons have all caught the baseball bug, each one at different stages of development as they chase the major league dream. Everett wonders who will take over the ranch? But Calvin Ramsey, the hero of The Perfect Catch isn’t thinking about that when he’s designated for assignment by his major league team. He’s thinking about hiding from the world while he figures out his next move in Last Stand. He just wasn’t counting on someone else sleeping in his bed when he returns home. But is the sexy caretaker and part-time beekeeper really who she claims? With his grandfather laid up, his relationship with his father strained, and his mother out of the country, Cal is on his own to forge a peace with Josie. And yet, somehow, he finds himself feeling more at home than he’s ever been…. You can pre-order THE PERFECT CATCH now

Read more about the stories set in Last Stand by joining the Tule Book Club group on Facebook, where Mondays are devoted to Last Stand, and you’ll hear from all of the authors about their books set there.

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