Strangers in Paradise

Strangers in Paradise

January 2004
Reissued February 2015

Valentine Vixen by Joanne Rock
Francesca Donzinetti just spent a mortifying week being voted off a romantic reality show by the TV audience. She had no idea that Lucky Adams—the show’s sexy bachelor— secrety lusted over her. Now he’s offering Francesca her very own reality show at a secluded seaside locale. But this time Lucky will be the only contender. And Francesca will be lucky if she gets away with her heart intact…Also in this volume: Club Cupid by RITA Award-winning author Stephanie Bond


“‘Valentine Vixen’ is packed with romance, desire and passion!” — Roundtable Reviews

Strangers in Paradise is a perfect book for January because when you open the pages you can turn the thermostat way way down…” — Romance Junkies

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Of all the exotic resort hotels on South Beach, why did Lucky Adams have to walk into mine?

Francesca Donzinetti darted behind the concierge’s desk at the posh singles’ playground Club Paradise and prayed the gorgeous man who just strode through the main doors into the lobby wouldn’t see her. Highly unlikely considering it was six a.m. and she’d only just returned from an all-night Vintage Vinyl party down the street. Sure, the South Beach locals had understood that meant vintage music, but New Jersey girl Francesca had taken the theme to heart. Now here she stood, cowering behind a news rack stuffed full of brochures for regional attractions while dressed in a black and white checkered miniskirt and white vinyl go-go boots.

Yeah, she blended.

Holding her breath as the sleek stud of TV reality show fame approached the check-in desk, Fran pretended great interest in a pamphlet describing the thrill of alligator watching in the Everglades.

Of course, she shouldn’t be surprised that Lucky, featured bachelor in the latest installment of Eligible Male, would show up at Club Paradise. It only made sense he would stay at the hotel hosting the elaborate post-production wrap party for the show on Valentine’s Day. Fran just hadn’t expected him to complete taping the necessary interviews and assorted hoopla on the private island off Florida’s coast for a few more days.

Wishing her checkerboard miniskirt wouldn’t keep creeping up her thighs, Fran grumbled to herself over the fact that she’d finished her part of the marathon broadcast five days ago. As an unwilling participant in the stupid show anyway, she shouldn’t have minded being the first woman to be voted off by viewers who called in via toll-free hotline. But considering she’d initially experienced a few hot flashes over bachelor number one, she wasn’t looking forward to coming face to face with him now with the questionable status of grade A reject stamped across her forehead.

Especially while wearing vintage vinyl at six o’clock in the morning…