The Knight’s Return

ISBN: 9781426831478

Harlequin Historical #942
April 2009

Guarding the Princess…

After being duped into a deceitful marriage, Sorcha Connacht distrusts all men. Most especially the chivalrous warrior who storms her remote Irish fortress under false pretenses. Although this exiled noblewoman vows to ward off his ardent courtship, her traitorous heart rejoices when he brandishes a sword on her behalf!Hugh de Montagne instinctively knows Sorcha holds the key to his murky past—and their future happiness. At the King’s behest, he’s duty-bound to thwart the flame-haired princess’s attackers at all costs—but surrendering to temptation puts him at a treacherous disadvantage.

Now, as Hugh leaves his beloved behind to head off to battle, can this brave Norman knight reclaim his birthright…and return home a conquering hero?


“A captivating plot rich in danger and a refreshingly different historical setting enhance the pleasure of